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The New York Times is running a story on the OSCE’s decision not to send observers to the upcoming presidential elections in Russia, and, specifically, Putin’s remark that he has evidence that this decision was taken at the behest of the US State Department.

The OSCE flatly denies this, stating that the reason for the decision was the Russian government’s unwillingness to provide any visas to the organization.

I predict that this is as far as the discussion will go. In other words, statement, counter-statement, end.

Why won’t Putin counter the OSCE’s reason regarding the visas? Because Putin’s statement is exclusively for internal consumption within the Russian media, where the OSCE’s explanation will not be given any air time. To someone inside Russia, then, the matter is closed. Putin spoke, the media reported. Without some kind of statement from Putin, the media can’t act, since it’s not allowed to think on its own.

For the rest of us, of course, it looks ham-fisted, but that shouldn’t be surprising.


Written by Homo Ĺ’conomicus

November 26, 2007 at 5:04 pm

Posted in Media, Politics

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