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Aleksandr Donskoy to Vladimir Putin

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Aleksandr Donskoy

Here’s the text of a letter written by Arkhangelsk’s mayor Aleksandr Donskoy to Russian President Vladimir Putin … from Donskoy’s prison cell.

Mr. President,

Although I was not given the opportunity to be a candidate for the post you currently occupy, I intend to participate as a candidate in the 2012 presidential elections. I am certain that the opposition forces will support me, and that Aleksandr Donskoy’s “Novaya Partiya” [trans.: “New Party”] will become a real political force in the country.

In connection with which I would like to point out that even in Myanmar, the military junta which is friendly to us places presidential candidates from the opposition under house arrest, and not in prison. We are not in a state of emergency yet, so it would be appropriate if the following articles could be included in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation:

  • Making negative assessments of the activity of the President of the Russian Federation and his successor.
  • Criticism of Putin’s Plan.
  • Desire to be on the ballot for the post of President of the Russian Federation without an agreement with federal officials.

All of these articles can be applied to me, on the basis of which I can then be prosecuted. It would be more honest that way.

Happy New Year!

Aleksandr Donskoy, Mayor of Arkhangelsk
December 27, 2007


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January 2, 2008 at 2:25 pm

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