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PR responds to churnalism charges.

The power of PR. The PR response somehow wiggled its way up the charts to be the first Google hit, ahead of the LRB article that is causing all the fuss. That’s good.

Next, watch as PR works its magic powers on your perception of reality…

Yes, there has been an increase in PR people over the last ten years and yes, companies and organisations are now realising the importance of PR at the board room level, how they need to manage their reputations and present themselves to their stakeholders. I believe that much of this actually comes from the public. We want to know the story, we want to be communicated to, we want transparency and we’re all too ready to cry ‘watch dog’ if something goes wrong.

Okay, maybe not so magic. I mean, come on. “We”? It’s almost like a new version of the “weasel we” – ingratiating, chummy, overly familiar, with the intention of creating a false cameraderie. The ploy is so transparent, however, that I can’t imagine this woman is actually very good at what she does.

Maybe that’s why she got stuck writing the blog?


Written by Homo Œconomicus

March 15, 2008 at 8:57 am

Posted in Media

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