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Someone has filed some kind of legal complaint designed to get Obama disbarred.

The full text is here. The essence of the complaint is that Obama used illegal drugs and had outstanding parking violations, but didn’t disclose either on his bar application. The parking violations (a whopping $200 worth–can you believe it?!) I suppose were a no-no, but the funny thing is, the bar application didn’t require him to disclose drug use. The question is

Have you ever, either as an adult or juvenile, been cited, arrested, accused, formally or informally, or convicted of any violation of any law other than moving traffic violations.

(Yes, there is a period at the end.) So, was Obama busted for doing drugs? No. So did he have to disclose anything? … No. That’s the intelligent man’s response, anyway. The stupid man’s response is … well, I’ll let you read the complaint for that part.

Here are some other highlights. Please pay particular note to the atrocious grammar and editing as you keep in mind that this is an apparently official complaint, actually submitted.

By this time in his life he was very mature and sophisticated person that he either did or should have given a great deal of consideration to his response to question 18 a great deal of consideration. He has not disclosed if he consulted with anyone, such as Illinois attorney
Michelle Robinson(later his wife) before answering the question.

Just for reference regarding illegal drugs, this might be relevant.

The Respondent knew that he had incurred multiple violations. These fines exceeded the $200.00 reporting threshold for a total of $400.00. Between October 5, 1988 and January 12 1990, violations included failing to put money in meters, parking in a resident-only area, blocking a bus stop, and multiple tickets in the same day for exceeding the time limit at a meter. At this time he was living at 365 Broadway, Somerville, Massacustts, 02144. The substance and frequency of his disregard for legally valid rules demonstrate a contempt for the rules. He obviously felt he was above the rules that “the common folk” were expected to follow. All the time that he was supposed to be attending to learning the law, he contemptuously thumbed his nose even at simple parking rules. Do as I say, not as I do! The fines and penalties went unpaid for almost two decades. He asks others to obey the law yet he is too good and it is beneath him to pay lowly parking fines. Its all about expediency, parking rules don’t apply to the “important people” and its too inconvenient and time consuming to bother with finding a legal parking space. He is so smart and virtuous that merely electing him will end the illegal war in Iraq but finding a legal parking space near the elitist law school it too taxing for him.

This obviously isn’t going to go anywhere, but it’s fun to watch them try.


Written by Homo Œconomicus

August 27, 2008 at 2:04 am

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